Take a taste from our clean air to drinking water system.
Experience the freshness of clean water produced by air. An amazing technology to end our world's drinking water problems. Pistolatum provides high-quality Air to Drinking water dispensers. 

Incredible air to water converting systems!

Fresh Free Drinking Water Daily  
Model Unit P30
1-3 Gallons A Day 

Technical Data:

Production Capacity: 30L/24hr Condition:T:15-32℃ RH:40-95%

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz

Rated Input (generation water): 220V/350W,110V/400W

Heating Capacity: 5L/H

Rated Input (heating): 500W

Cooling Capacity: 2L/H Rated input(cooling):80W(when made with two compressors)

Filter System: PP+CTO+T33+RO+UV

Original Water Tank: 4L Pure water tank:12L

Refrigerant: R134a

Clean Drinking Fountains for Schools,

Government buildings and Business!


Taste the freshness from our air to drinking water fountains.

Unit Model P-600E
Drinking Fountain

Technical Data:

Production Capacity: 30L/24hr

Condition: T:15-32℃ RH:40-95%

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz

Rated Input (generation water): 220V/350W,110V/400W

Rated Input (cooling): 500W Cooling capacity:2L/H

Rated Input (cooling): 80W(when made with two compressors)

Filter System: PP+CTO+UF+T33+UV

Original Water tank: 4L

Pure Water Tank: 12L

Refrigerant: R134a

Unit Model P-1000

Technical Data:

Production capacity: 1000L/day (25℃/80%HR)

Input power: 25.5KW

Power: 380-220V/50Hz

Wind volume: 11200㎡/h

Obstruction of the wind: <180pa

Refrigeration: R407C 

Volume: 12KG

Original Water Tank: 40L

Pure Water Tank: 500L

Filter system: UF+PP+CTO

1,000 Gallons A Day
Super Clean Air to Drinking Water Systems




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